Welcome to my shop with accessories for babies and toddlers! Let yourself feel here like at your own home, sit comfortably in the armchair with a cup of coffee or tea and start shopping in Agnes Hobby shop.

My adventure and love for handicraft started in my early childhood. There weren’t any clothes for my dolls in the local shops so once I asked my grandma to knit them for me and I think it was the way when it all started.

I love to spend my time on crocheting or knitting. It takes me back to sweet times of my childhood when my imagination was unlimited. I would like to create beautiful things and accessories that you will be able to use in photo sessions for your dear babies.

Each product is designed, prepared and created by me with love and care for each detail. I use materials of good quality in various textures and colours.

I really love challenges and my passion is learning new techniques.

Each child is a miracle and I don’t want my works to suppress their beauty. However, each child is a great happiness and that’s why my style and the colours that I use are so vivid.

If you want like to cooperate with me, please contact by e-mail.

Please read the information about the product you buy (the wool, laundry rules).

I also do custom work. Lead time: 2 weeks.

I will be grateful if you send me a photo with my accessories and let me publish it on my web page.

International shipping.